Dr. Ben Carson Warns What Will Happen If Congress Doesn't Act to Protect Religious Freedom

Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on Fox News to talk about what’s going on with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

The same judge who had her locked up for refusing to issue “marriage” licenses to homosexuals released her yesterday, ordering her not to interfere with deputy clerks issuing licenses. It’s going to get worse, Dr. Carson said, and the U.S. Congress has a responsibility to protect all Americans.

(The North Carolina legislature recently enacted such a protection measure. Magistrates can opt-out of officiating homosexual “marriages.” After the Republican governor vetoed the bill, the legislature overturned the veto.)

“That’s the reason we have divided government,” Dr. Carson said. “When one branch does something that tilts the balance, the other branches need to pitch in and correct the situation. This is a serious problem.”

Dr. Carson also talked about his surge in the polls. He attributed it to the debate. People had an opportunity to see him and hear him speak for himself, as opposed to what they heard or read in the media. Dr. Carson also said he travels around the country, and people are able to see that “maybe there’s some substance there.”

The doctor said he has a vision for the country, which he thinks is shared by a lot of Americans. Kelly noted that black liberal columnist Jonathan Capehart suggested Dr. Carson was gaining support among Republicans because he’s black and can get away with saying things white conservatives can’t.

“Sounds like a pretty typical Democratic response,” Dr. Carson, laughing.




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  2. That’s a racist response,, can you beleave it.