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This Black Pastor Has an Important Question for Black Liberals

Any black conservative can relate to this. If you’re black and don’t toe the Democratic party line, prepare for “self-hater, “race traitor,” “coon” ad hominem from black liberals.

And you’re no longer “black” in the racial solidarity sense. Pastor Herb Lusk, of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia, tweeted this:

A Philly.com columnist asked him about the tweet.

“I read something recently where they said they were going to take Steve Harvey’s black card,” Pastor Lusk told her. “Steve Harvey is as black as they come. He’s a good man. He’s done a lot of good work. He’s helped a lot of people. Because he meets with Donald Trump, he’s now in danger of losing his black card.

“I think that’s foolishness and I think it’s unfortunate. And I don’t think the blacks on the left should be so intolerant of blacks who may have some right views.”

Pastor Lusk also said he’s not a supporter of the newly elected leader of the United States, Donald Trump.

“But he’s my president and I’ve prayed for every president since I’ve been a pastor. Every day, I pray for the president of the United States of America and I will be praying for this president. The man hasn’t even taken office yet. Let’s see what he’s going to do.”

Featured photo credit: Pastor Bruce Rivers video screenshot

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  1. Conservative Blacks vs. Liberal Blacks. Reminds you of light-skin Blacks vs. dark-skin Blacks. Utter foolishness.