A Culture of Life is Resurging in Our Country

At a recent press conference addressing the Biden administration’s push to nationalize abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Star Parker joined fellow black pro-lifers to let the president know they won’t stand for it.

In the clip below, Jonathan Alexandre — frequent guest on CURE America with Star Parker and a lawyer at Liberty Counsel — gave Biden a clear message.

Alexandre said the president “just can’t leave well enough alone.” The U.S. Constitution does not confer a right to abortion, he said. Anything the president does now, including his “ill-conceived, knee-jerk proposals will only run against the rule of law.”

Watch the clip to hear Alexandre’s message to Biden and other abortion advocates.

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  1. Updated Feb 24, 2020
    July 4 2019
    For your prayerful and earnest consideration – Thoughts on abortion.

    In a sane and rational world a mother would be the first and last line of defense for her baby at every stage of development before & after birth.

    In a sane and rational world abortion would be unthinkable.

    In a sane and rational world an unborn child would be valued for the precious life that it is.

    In a sane and rational world a mother who does not want or cannot provide for her baby would opt for adoption – not abortion.

    Abortion is every bit a sin and stain on this country as slavery.

    Congress and the Supreme Court are guilty of legalizing this horror but the real shame and guilt lies with women who embrace the so called “right” to kill their own flesh and blood.

    When did we become so hard-hearted, so selfish, and so irresponsible and our thinking so twisted? And why?

    We are in the grips of an evil mindset that is destroying us.

    In the name of “women’s rights” we have given up our most sacred rights.

    We’ve turned innocent babies into “inconveniences” that can be legally destroyed.

    We’ve turned men and boys into objects of contempt and loathing.

    This cannot stand. There is nothing good in this. We must change our course. Our country’s very soul is at stake.

    Just as the slave was innocent and had no voice in becoming a slave so the unborn child is innocent and had no voice in its conception.

    Just as we finally had to decide that it is wrong to own another person, we must finally decide that abortion is wrong because it takes away that person’s right to life.

    And a child that is born should have all the rights that each of us had at birth and that we now have! The Right to Life!

    We can aptly apply Thomas Jefferson’s profound belief regarding the sin of slavery to our collective sin of abortion – that “the Almighty has no attribute which will take our side in this matter”.

    The abortion procedure is surreal! Who dreams up such cruelty and horrors that we do not permit to be done to animals and calls it a “right” to do to a human being? One day we will wake up in disbelief of our collective sin. But it is too late for the 60+million that have already been sacrificed on the altar of self-worship.

    There are no words for the horror of abortion. It is unspeakable evil. Abortion at every stage should be called by its right name – genocide of the unborn by the most horrific means imaginable.

    How did the hearts of women become so hardened and their thinking so twisted and misguided! They are so broken and pitiful, giving up their most sacred privilege.

    I pray for women everywhere to turn from this abomination and embrace the privilege of Motherhood. It is the unique ability of the female sex and should be celebrated as the crowning glory and purpose of womanhood and femininity.

    I pray for women who can’t or don’t want to accept Motherhood to please choose adoption instead of abortion. Don’t add another tragedy to the circumstances of your unwanted pregnancy.

    Prayers abound for those who have chosen abortion and now have regret and remorse. Regret and remorse can provide the impetus for repentance and for changing hearts and minds. Forgiveness and redemption come with repentance. May God help us.

    Diana Lott

  2. Jonathan Alexandre, you nailed it. The politicians are SO out of touch with the rest of us, and we need to remember in November and vote them out!

  3. The SCOTUS decision in Dobbs is the exorcism America needs to drive out the bloodthirsty demon of abortion. It will not be easy, but it will be done because most of want this evil destroyed.