ABC Featured Black Abortion Advocates Who Say They’re Christians — Which Black Lives Matter?

If black lives matter, the sentiment should apply to all black lives, including those in the womb.

But protecting the unborn isn’t what Black Lives Matter is about. ABC News published a story (and posted a video) about black Christians and abortion. Most people featured in the article are abortion advocates who consider themselves Christians.

The lone exception is Cherilyn Holloway, who’s had two abortions. She opposes abortion and supports BLM. Holloway compared Michael Brown’s shooting with unborn babies.

“Here’s a man who was shot in the street, he couldn’t defend himself, the same way a baby can’t defend themselves in the womb,” she told ABC News. “Because they both are lives, and both are lives that matter. And the issue we are dealing with right now in our society is a life issue. We have built a society that does not value life, whether it is in the physical form or in the womb. Those lives deserve to have someone speaking up for them. From the womb to the tomb, all of it matters.”

Another woman featured in the story, Kawanna Shannon, a mother of five, works in the abortion industry and said she’s “a believer of Jesus Christ.” She said she’ll continue “to fight for women’s rights and stand up for women. And also love God and be a Christian. I can do both.”

Michelle Higgins, a woman calling herself a pastor, said that reproductive rights “are part of God’s justice.” She also said she doesn’t believe abortion is murder.

How can this shepherd of a flock reconcile supporting killing the innocent in the womb as God’s justice? Everything that happens is part of God’s decree, but He is not the author of evil. And murdering unborn babies is evil. Justice is one of God’s attributes, a characteristic of His infinite righteousness and holiness. Can this woman argue, biblically, that terminating pregnancies for convenience is righteous and holy?

Pastor Clinton Stancil said he believes “in the sanctity of life” but “You don’t have the moral high ground to tell Black women what to do with their body. If you’re gonna tell me that you care about life, then do something about our lack of education. Do something about the disparities in health care in the Black community. If we deal with the systematic problems then maybe abortion would not become necessary.”

Can’t we protect the voiceless and the vulnerable and address “health care” disparities? Which one does God call us to address? For this pastor, it comes down to politics.

The “black church” has utterly failed to take leadership in protecting the precious unborn. Most blacks in any given majority-black church vote for leftist policies that are contrary to biblical teachings about morality and how we should live. The people who compiled the ABC News stories have seen the same polls — blacks self-report as being more religious than whites — and framed the article in a way to make these opposing ideas palatable to Democrat-voting black Christians.

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One comment

  1. It’s all rationalization. Like Biden, they’re trying to square the circle, saying on the one hand that all human life is sacred and on the other that women should have the power of life and death over their unborn children.

    Kawanna Shannon, who thinks that women have more rights than their unborn children, seems to have forgotten that for a long time black people were thought to have fewer rights than whites.

    “Pastor” Michelle Higgins dehumanizes unborn children, forgetting how blacks were dehumanized by whites, and conveniently ignoring Luke 1, Psalm 139, and numerous other Scriptures that show how much God values the unborn.

    Pastor Clinton Stancil correctly points out that black women face extra problems with unplanned pregnancies – but fails to consider that maybe his own church could “do something” about those problems rather than telling women that “systemic problems” make it OK to kill their babies.

    Praying for the conversion of all those who call good evil and evil good.