Abortion Advocates Won't Like What This State Agency Just Ordered


As a result of the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover Planned Parenthood videos, some states have defunded the abortion mill. (A congressional committee recently held a hearing to listen to pro-life testimony.) Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina ordered inspections of the abortion clinics in her state.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) issued its findings, which revealed that two violated the law. Among the violations are failing to properly dispose of aborted babies. The DHEC ordered that the clinics’ licenses be suspended; however, they have until September 28 to pay a fine and create plans to correct the violations. An excerpt from WORLD:

An Aug. 31 DHEC inspection of Planned Parenthood’s Columbia facility listed numerous violations. Four different manifest sheets for “pathological waste”—DHEC’s classification of fetal remains—were stamped “steam sterilized” but lacked any indication the facility was following the state’s disposal guidelines.

Inspectors also found several expired medications in the pharmacy and sterile supplies stored with non-sterile supplies, including examination gloves. And five of 25 reviewed records showed abortions were performed before the mandated one-hour waiting period following the mandatory ultrasound. Other violations include incomplete record keeping.

In all, DHEC cited Planned Parenthood South Atlantic for violating 21 different state regulations, some on multiple counts, at the Columbia abortion center. DHEC fined the facility $7,500.

Abortion advocates argue that the GOP, pro-lifers in particular, have declared a “war on women” and don’t respect their “reproductive rights.” But as such inspections show, the clinics apparently don’t care about the women. They certainly don’t care about the babies. All states need to pass laws that raise the standard of care in these places.

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