America First Legal Just Empowered Parents With This Consent Letter

Legal firm America First Legal (AFL), which recently filed a lawsuit against Texas A&M University for hiring faculty based on race, released a consent letter template to assist parents in their fight against indoctrination in government schools.

The organization said the AFL Parental Rights Demand Letter Template (.docx) will help parents “arm themselves and protect their children against the insidious woke agenda of public school bureaucrats and teacher unions.”

Parents can demand that schools allow prompt access and a reasonable time to review all instructional materials, teacher’s manuals, power point presentations, etc., as well as “a meaningful opportunity to either consent or opt out of any formal or informal survey or other information collection” about political affiliations and beliefs, sexual behavior or attitudes, and other items.

AFL has already made the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit for Parents available.

Letter templates like this one are important for parents, as they provide a uniform set of demands drafted by lawyers to trigger legal protections. Parents have the right to opt their children out of what they consider indoctrination and harmful instruction. Among these are so-called critical race theory, which teaches that individuals are either oppressors or the oppressed, depending on the color of their skin. AFL includes “transgender” ideology, and abortion. We can add one more: grooming.

Parents are supposed to safeguard their children from predators. They must teach their children not to keep secrets, especially when asked by adults. Child predators threaten, bribe, and cajole children into keeping secrets about inappropriate touching and worse. Coercing a child to lie to his parents, regardless of motives, erodes this safeguarding.

Teachers also should be required to report students’ well-being to parents. Governor Glenn Youngkin just reversed Virginia’s so-called transgender policies to require teachers to keep parents informed about their children’s well-being. The state’s new policies focus on the rights of parents and protections for children. For example, participation in sex-specific sports, overnight accommodations, locker rooms, and other private spaces will be based on sex, not “gender identity.”

The AFL is trying to make sure parents understand their rights.

“Since the school year began just weeks’ ago, America First Legal has already heard from countless parents whose children are continuing to be indoctrinated with woke ideologies that are not directly related to academic instruction, all without parental consent or prior knowledge,” AFL Senior Advisor Ian Prior said. “Further, we have learned of numerous unlawful school policies across the country designed to keep secrets and deceive parents about what is occurring in school, especially when it comes to staff engaging with children through discussions, questions, evaluations, and analysis with children concerning ‘gender identity’ issues. Parents are standing up to this unconscionable, state-sponsored behavior everywhere, and this Parental Rights Demand Letter is a powerful tool for them to exercise their well-established constitutional rights and protect their children from rogue school districts that are trampling over those rights and endangering students. We are encouraging parents throughout the United States to use the AFL Parental Rights Demand Letter and take back their right to protect the health, welfare, and education of their children.”

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