Are Black Americans Waking Up to Voting for Their Interests?

Danielle Robinson, director of BLEXIT in North Carolina and a Christian, recently became a Republican. Featured in this CBN News video, she said BLEXIT members are “all in” with supporting the president, and that “we’ve got nothing to lose, because we’ve lost too much already.” Robinson has faced backlash for her new worldview. She urges other black Christians to reconsider their values as well.

Black Americans have benefited from President Trump’s policies (though many won’t admit it). President Trump signed an executive order to bail out historically black colleges and universities, for example, something Barack Obama didn’t do.

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  1. I find the term African-Americans offensive you are Americans by birth and by the blood you have shed for this country. The United States Navy was never segregated until Democratic President Thomas Woodrow Wilson did so in fact in the great days of fighting sail the Royal Navy was advised to stay away from American ships because of those “damned black gunners”. The greatest lie told about President Thomas Woodrow Wilson was that he was from New Jersey when he was born in Virginia and when The Birth of a Nation (originally called The Clansman) was It was the first American motion picture to be screened in the White House.