Backlash: Democrats’ 5-Point Plan for Defeat in 2018

Democrats have nothing to offer voters this election cycle except outrage and protests. As a recovering liberal myself, I’ve told my radio audience for years “democrats make you mad, so you don’t have to think.” Heading into the midterm elections, it’s clear their strategy hasn’t changed post-Obama.

I’ve grown increasingly convinced that Trump’s 2016 victory will not be the last political shockwave Americans will witness this decade. As you know, the party opposite the White House administration typically wins the midterm elections. With Trump’s rising poll numbers, it’s possible Democrats are in for a rude awakening this November; we’re more likely to see a “Red wave” than a “Blue wave.”

Thus far, the Democratic Party hasn’t advanced any solutions concerning the economy and job creation, domestic unity, illegal immigration or foreign policy. As a matter of fact, if you’re a part of the Trump administration, you’ll be lucky to find a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal free of protesters or without fear of being kicked out. Just ask White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

A backlash is inevitable this fall. The question is how large will it be? I consider myself a “Wait-and-see Trumper.” I voted for Ted Cruz in the GOP presidential primary and I wrote him in on the November ballot. Today, I’d vote for Trump in a heartbeat! Furthermore, I’m so sick and tired of the Democrats’ fake outrage towards everything Trump is for, I’m actually excited to vote Republican for the first time since 2012.

Trump has racked up some great accomplishments since taking office. He’s appointed a record number of conservative judges to the federal bench; he’s got a plan to defund Planned Parenthood; he’s nearly abolished ISIS (a feat President Obama said would take 25 years); he’s signed the “Tax cuts, Jobs Act” into law, and he continues to abolish onerous regulations, particularly at the EPA, that wreaked havoc on our economy and job creators for decades. In short, with the exception of tariffs, Trump has been a pleasant surprise for conservatives like myself determined to see GOP victory this fall.

What’s the Democratic plan to win new voters this fall? I’ve compiled an unofficial list below:

  1. Repeal your tax cuts -if the Republican tax cuts are mere crumbs, why does Nancy Pelosi want the money back in D.C. so badly? Workers deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money to put food on the table for their families, buy a new appliance or furniture piece, or even enjoy something as simple as a night out at the movies. Apparently, Pelosi wants to remain rich and keep the rest of us poor. Always remember that your money is representative of your time here on earth; no politician has the right to your time.
  2. Keep racism alive– Democrats have a vested interest in keeping all forms of identity politics alive. They need us divided. If they didn’t keep their voters paralyzed by outrage and fear, they’d be forced to debate their positions on policy issues that affect all Americans – a losing battle for them.
  3. Impeach Trump – it seems Democrats will do or say anything to regain the majority in Congress in hopes of impeaching Trump. However, as new information continues to emerge in the IG report about in-house corruption and James Comey’s incompetence, it’s more likely Democrats will experience a backlash from “Wait-and-see Trumpers” like myself if they continue to pursue what’s clearly an unwarranted case for impeachment.
  4. Open borders – in order for Democrats to win elections they must keep people poor and powerless. What better way to do that than to import Democrats (illegal immigrants) from across the border? The more successful and independent you become as an American citizen the less likely you are to need public assistance. Democrats can’t afford that.
  5. Empower Social Justice Warriors in professional sports – Colin Kaepernick is no longer a quarterback in the NFL because his skill level doesn’t justify the distraction that’ll come along with hiring him. For decades Americans could attend or watch sports events and the only colors that mattered were team colors, and the only issues that mattered were winning and losing. Complete strangers shared a camaraderie that transcended race and wallet size. Sports is an escape from the real world amongst fans and friends. Now liberals have ruined that too.

The Democratic Party has been co-opted by the far left-wing of their party. Americans are growing sick of their divisive tactics. President Obama was able to march his party further left because he was an aberration as America’s first black president. By in large, Americans have had enough.

We’re not racists because we want secure borders! We’re not selfish because we believe we can handle our money better than politicians in D.C.! We’re not bigots, homophobes and xenophobes because we’re guided by the dictates of faith and religion! We’re not war mongers because we believe if you have the audacity to place our troops in harm’s way you’d better give them the tools and equipment needed so they can win quickly and decisively. We’re Americans who love our country and the Constitution, and until Democrats realize that, their happy days at the ballot box are over.

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  1. Mr. Jackson, if President Trump is reelected, expect much more opposition not only “across the isle” on Capitol Hill, but in our communities by ordinary citizens who will decide to “self-segregate” politically. It’s an ugly mess that probably won’t go away soon.

  2. The more extreme the Democrats get, the better the Republicans look to sensible people.

  3. Great job Mr Jackson. I hope that Nancy and Maxine keep ranting until after the November elections. They are doing more good for the Republican party than any amount of advertising could, and it’s free.