Black Americans Don’t Need Handouts — Are Leftists Listening?

So-called slavery reparations — it’s all a money-grab, isn’t it?

Deneen Borelli recorded this segment before last week’s slavery reparations hearings, but the nuggets of truth are timeless. The slavery reparations strategy divides and distracts, Borelli said. That’s the intention, and that’s why leftist lawmakers, media, and Hollywood are pushing it.

“For Democrats, there is no political gain to celebrate the amazing advancement of blacks since slavery,” Borelli said. “Nope, no votes there. Making blacks victims and holding out the possibility of a cash payment is a way to stir up emotion and falsely claim it’s an effort to help blacks.”

It’s the wrong message, Borelli said. What’s the correct one? Watch the brief clip.

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  1. I love Deneen Borelli she asked the simplest question of all “So-called slavery reparations — it’s all a money-grab, isn’t it?” Deneen Borelli can smell bovine fecal mater five miles away!!!