Children Better Off Living with Both Biological Parents

As I mentioned in this morning’s racial preferences post, we don’t need studies to know the truth of what we see, but they don’t hurt. Any honest person would admit that children are better off emotionally, financially, and physically when they live with both biological parents. The biological component is key for obvious reasons.

According to a new study from the CDC, children are safest when residing with both biological parents. From WORLD:

The survey, which examined data from a national pool of almost 100,000 households with children, looked at nine adverse family experiences: divorce or separation, death, incarceration of a parent or guardian, living with someone who is mentally ill or suicidal, living with someone who had an alcohol or drug problem, witnessing violence in the household, being the victim of violence or witnessing neighborhood violence, suffering racial discrimination, and having a caregiver who often found it hard to make ends meet.

The results found an inverse association between the number of biological parents in the home and a child’s likelihood of experiencing adverse effects. Children without either of their biological parents in the home were 2.7 times more likely to experience at least one adverse event, and 30 times as likely to experience four or more events, than children with both biological parents in the home.

Seventy-five percent of black babies are born to unmarried parents. These homes are typically female-headed, and fatherlessness is at epic proportions.

Children are at a higher risk of physical abuse (including sexual) when living with only one parent or if an unrelated male is also living in the home. This fact alone is sufficient to advocate marriage, as ordained by God and understood for thousands of years, over unmarried or any other kind of parenthood. I suspect everyone would agree, even those who seek to redefine marriage to the point of absurdity, that children in foster care were the worse off, generally speaking.

Photo credit: The Tabernacle (Creative Commons)

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