Civil Rights 'Leaders' Say Black Actress Should Apologize to LAPD

DanieleWattsCrazy world we’re living in. Earlier this month, the leftist media breathlessly reported that the LAPD racially profiled and arrested a black actress who’d kissed her white boyfriend, because they thought she was a prostitute, or so the woman claimed. A reasonable person would suspect all was not what it seemed, but reasonable people seem to be in short supply in 2014.

It turns out that witnesses had seen Daniele Watts in a car straddling the man, which amounts to indecent exposure. That’s why the police showed up, not because she was kissing a white man. In an unbelievable reversal of the typical, black liberals have “demanded” that Watts apologize to the police and the community.

Najee Ali said, “We have nothing to be embarrassed about. She should be embarrassed. She’s the one that told the lie. She came and stated she’s a victim of racial profiling. We found out later on based on new information that she wasn’t.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson said, “I was one that was very outspoken about it. We take racial profiling very seriously. It’s not a play thing. It’s not trivial.” He added that what Watt’s did was like crying wolf.

I think most accusations of racism are like crying wolf. What black Americans considered racist back in the day is much different than what’s considered racist today.

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