Clergy Corner

Pastor Jeff McCreight and other pastors oppose President Barack Obama’s edict to allow men access to women’s restrooms and changing rooms. This is what they had to say:

Black Pastors Protest Gay Speaker at Historically Black College

In an emergency press conference, Star Parker gathered with black pastors in Tennessee to speak out against the invitation of a lesbian “bishop” to speak to students at a historically black college. These pastors who spoke out against same-sex marriage were accused by academics in their ivory tower of “idolatry of the Bible.” At the end of this urgent press conference, a member of the media asked if they thought the homosexual agenda was the Civil Rights issue of the modern era.

Black Pastors Stand with Israel

Black pastors stood shoulder to shoulder and stood with Israel! At the same time, we made a statement that the black community does NOT stand with the Congressional Black Caucus or the White House.