CVS Fires Nurse Practioner for Refusing to Provide Abortion Drugs — DESPITE State Law Protecting Conscience Rights

Some people think that vacuuming an unborn baby from the womb and down a sink is an unjustified killing of an innocent human being. Others call it “health care.” Some people want nothing to do with this heinous act, including prescribing or dispensing drugs designed to poison unborn babies to death.

Paige Casey, a Catholic nurse practioner in Virginia, is one of those people. She works at CVS and refuses to dispense drugs that could induce abortions. CVS fired her, apparently unaware of a state law that protects the conscience rights of medical professionals with religious or moral objections to playing any role in killing the unborn.

From Casey’s legal counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF):

Casey’s religious objection never posed an issue to coworkers, patients, or supervisors, and just two days before she was fired, she received a merit-based pay increase. For three and a half years, CVS respected Casey’s religious beliefs by allowing her to decline to provide or facilitate the use of abortion-inducing drugs. But in January, CVS informed her that they would no longer accommodate her faith and fired her a few months later—directly violating Virginia’s Conscience Clause.

ADF Senior Counsel and ADF Center for Life director Denise Harle said state law “protects the freedom of everyone to work without fear of being fired for their religious beliefs prohibiting participation in abortion.”

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