Deneen Borelli Calls Out Biden After His Pandering MLK Day Speech at a Black Church

Deneen Borelli, a new contributor at Newsmax, had a few things to say about President Joe Biden and his empty but gaffe-filled racial pandering speech at a black church on MLK day.

“Biden continues to lie and be the fraud that he has been for decades.”

He’s been called out on these lies. Do black leftists care?

Despite the racial pandering, President Biden opposes school vouchers and choice for black children from low-income families. Parents want options. They want their children out of failing government schools. But they’ll get no help from the people they keep electing.

Watch Deneen’s clip for more.

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  1. Grateful this lady n her calling it what it is, false 🤥sentiment pandering. The Q is why do Blacks vote for leftist demoncRATic plantation-ists? Sad. Shameful.

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