Was Christ a ‘Socialist’ as Leftists Define the Ideology? Aubrey Shines Reveals the Truth.

NAACP member Rev. William Barber said that Christ is a socialist. No one should put Christ in a political category, Bishop Aubrey Shines said, but for the sake of argument, He certainly can’t be placed in such a category as leftists define it.

Shines referenced Matthew 25, in which Christ told the parable of the rich man who gave away his money to individuals according to their abilities to handle it. Yes, sometimes people need help. But what responsibilities do all of us have? Shines talks about this and other issues.

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One comment

  1. Great job Bishop Shines – God Bless You.
    For years I have said that the NAACP cares nothing for the minority communities and they are just another propaganda arm of the godless socialist/communist democrat party.