WATCH: Dr. Ben Carson – Reignite the Can-Do Spirit

Dr. Ben Carson recently spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma, where he won the presidential straw poll.

“I really, truly believe that it is incredibly important for us to reignite the can-do spirit that characterized the rapid rise of America,” he said.

After so many years of socialistic policies, do Americans have it in them?

Dr. Carson recounted a time during his high school years when teachers couldn’t even teach the whole hour of class, because they were too busy disciplining. After reading books “about people of great accomplishment,” he said he began to realize the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you.

It was up to him to learn something, he said, despite being in that bad government school. Dr. Carson talked to teachers after school and asked what they were planning to teach, since they’d never gotten the chance during class. The teachers were pleased, and he even got extra tutoring.

Dr. Carson had plenty to say about our dysfunctional government and ineffective leaders, and severing ties with special interest groups. He said we should be honored to take care of our veterans, and that issues like Benghazi aren’t political. There are only two sides: for or against America.

Dr. Carson made an important point about our religious freedom. “The problem is, we back down too easily. We have to stop letting them bully us.”

I keep speaking against the government redefining marriage to include two people of the same sex because it erodes our religious freedom. The homosexual lobby wants total compliance, despite our constitutional right to be free from this sort of infringement. I hope Christian individuals, businesses, and organizations continue to push back.

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