Eighth-Grade Girl Tells School Board ‘Transgender’ Policy Chooses Boys’ Wants Over Girls’ Needs

Leftists say we should care about the feelings of “transgenders” and allow them access to actual women’s spaces, but they care nothing about women’s and girls’ sense of modesty, privacy, and safety. What about their feelings and rights and sense of dignity?

An eighth-grade girl in Virginia also wants to know the answer to that question. Jolene Grover, 14, recently spoke to her school board about a Loudoun County Public Schools policy allowing boys into girls’ locker rooms. From Fox News:

The policy followed a previous one, 1040, that committed the county to providing an equitable, safe and inclusive working environment regardless of “sexual orientation, gender identity” and other individual characteristics. The more recent proposed policy – 8350 – states in a draft that “students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity.”

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Jolene Grover, who was wearing a shirt that read “Woman is female” argued: “Two years ago, I was told policy 1040 was just an umbrella philosophy and you weren’t going to allow boys into the girls’ locker rooms. But here you are doing just that.”

“Everyone knows what a boy is – even you,” Grover told the school board. “Your proposed policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism. When woke kids ask me if I was a lesbian or a trans boy because I cut my hair short, it should tell you these modern identities are superficial…Now, boys are reading erotica in the classroom next to girls, and you want to give them access to girls’ locker rooms and you want to force girls to call those boys ‘she.'”

Here is the quote that should put all the adults on school boards who allow this violation to shame: “You do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price. Your policies choose boys’ wants over girls’ needs.”

Grover said in the Fox News video below that she spoke up because adults and other students were not.

Nobody cares what the girls need, want, or think — not even women calling themselves feminists. Grover’s mother took her out of this government school. All Christian parents should follow suit.

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