Here’s What Happened After Parents Kept Their Children Home for a Day to Protest Homosexual Indoctrination in Schools

Parents of children in government schools and fed-up with homosexual indoctrination will have to do something more than complain. They have to be proactive and make their numbers felt.

As the homosexual lobby seeks to use government power to penalize citizens for rejecting the idea that men and women can transition to the opposite sex or that homosexuality is normal, citizens must do more than whisper about it.

Seven hundred parents in a California city did do something. They kept their children out of school for a day to protest the state’s homosexual-indoctrination curriculum, one from which they can’t opt out. A group of parents created an organization called Informed Parents Rocklin to do just that: keep taxpaying parents with children in the local government schools informed.

Christian Headlines reported that the Rocklin School District Board voted to include the curriculum based on state law that government schools teach about people in the past who were homosexuals and/or pretended they were the opposite sex. From Christian Headlines:

Parents of more than 700 students kept their children home on May 3, according to Sacramento’s Fox 40.

“We believe that anyone who has made a significant contribution to society should, of course, be included in our history textbooks,” Rachel Crutchfield, spokeswoman for Informed Parents of Rocklin had said earlier in the week. “However, the concept of sexual orientation is far too complex of a topic for elementary-aged children to be introduced to at school. … Let’s let kids be kids.”

A proposed second-grade textbook says NASA astronaut Sally Ride was a lesbian.

Fox 40 reported that the school board “lamented the lost day of instruction” for students kept home and said it will make small changes to the curriculum.

The protest won’t change state law. That’s up to voters. And some parents who oppose this indoctrination can’t homeschool their children or afford to send them to private schools. But change can begin with this kind of action.

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  1. I remember being in Catholic elementary school, there were non-Catholic students who attended, the school made religion the first subject of the day, the non-Catholic students just came to school after the first class of the day – no problem. If schools in California want to teach lifestyles that offend a large percentage of the population just make it the first class of the day and let the parent decide if they want their child to attend if they don’t they can go to school after the first class – problem solved

    • Or home school your child. These days, it’s probably just as good as a credentialed teacher.

    • That’s too simple and logical for most school boards! Besides, they think all students should be subjected to this LGBT propaganda, and that parents who object are “homophobic” and “bigoted.”

  2. You have to come to the understanding that US education from start to finish has been taken over by Marxists. The children are being indoctrinated. The idea of pushing homosexuality is the same as pushing political correctness which was an invention of a communist think tank in Frankfurt Germany just prior to WWII.

    This and other Soviet planned weapons such as the faux science of global warming were designed to turn western countries on their heads. In short they were designed to turn western society upside down. With the help of paid off politicians and a whole lot of useful idiots they are destroying countries from within. Communism never actually went away with the fall of the Soviet Union, rather it fundamentally transformed.

    • It is a valuable to inform our young ones of their gay and lesbian brethren. Too often the LGBT community is discriminated against (and physically harmed) because of long-held fear and prejudice.