WATCH: How Would the Media Have Reacted If Late-Night Comedians Made Fun of the Way Michelle Obama Spoke?

High-fashion designers ignore First Lady Melania Trump because they hate President Donald Trump, who defeated their choice, Hillary Clinton.

And other leftists are no better. Late-night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel showed a clip of Mrs. Trump reading a storybook to children and made fun of her accent. The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli brought up a good point. How would the media — the world — have reacted if he’d made fun of the way Michelle Obama spoke?

Borelli also mentioned the “Dr. Seuss” incident. If you don’t remember that, listen to the brief clip.

Borelli recalled how certain designers said they won’t dress the First Lady because they oppose her husband’s presidency. But designer Ralph Lauren dressed both election loser Hillary Clinton and the new First Lady for President Trump’s inauguration. Guess which one generated calls for a boycott?

Haters are going to hate, Borelli said. Media bias and double standards.

Conservative women in general have to put up with a similar bias from leftist media and elites. Well, Borelli, a conservative woman, has a message for those leftists.

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  1. I just hope that all our legal, voting, immigrants are paying attention to people like Jimmy. This is what they really think of you, guys, making fun of your accents when you’re not listening.