In this Political Climate, Here’s Something to Celebrate

As the left-wing media tries to divide our country through identity politics, I want to give you something worth celebrating. Below you will see a delegation of pastors who are a part of our Clergy Network who took the trek to our nation’s capital. They came to meet others who share our beliefs and to learn why we believe in limited government, personal responsibility and the values that keep us free.

I know the risks they took to make it. It was because of the financial support from people like you who made this happen.

As you look through the photos below, you’ll see us gearing up for battle during this critical election year…

Pastors gather for a group photo at the Museum of the Bible to share a moment together with Mike Lindell (MyPillow) who shared how he is unafraid to share his Christian faith in everything he does.

Faith and Freedom. It’s STILL what makes America unique.

Mike Lindell shares a moment of prayer with CURE’s team.

Mike Lindell with CURE’s leadership: Star Parker and Rev. Derek McCoy.

Lectures: from taxes, abortion, faith, welfare, opportunity. This event equipped our pastors for battle.

About to enter The Heritage Foundation’s building to learn about freedom.

Washington, DC is where many of our policy partners are based, giving our pastors an opportunity to learn from the experts.

Kay Coles James, who leads The Heritage Foundation, speaks with our pastors.

Pastors asked questions with policy experts who advise the White House and Congress.

Most of our pastors stayed at the Trump Hotel, just a few buildings away from the White House.

CURE team member Tim Latiff helps to organize and lead our pastors through the buildings and streets of our nation’s capital.

Tim Latiff prepares our pastors for policy lectures at The Heritage Foundation.

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