Leftist Politicians Hate Trump So Much, They Refuse to Govern — THIS is the Consequence

The anti-Trump mob of liberal politicians hated losing to President Donald Trump so much, they refuse to govern. And enforcement on the Southern border is suffering.

Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli said they are demonizing our sitting president, and she shows several scandalous examples of liberal derangement from elected officials, media, and the Hollywood elite (and their jokes really aren’t funny).

Trump-hating politicians refuse to help the president strengthen the border. They were for enforcing our nation’s borders before Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, for instance. Now they’re suddenly against? What happened to principles?

You won’t believe what the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has to do now as a consequence of all this hatred and derangement.

But is there hope in this mess? Watch the brief clip.

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One comment

  1. The Left might hate Trump, but the Globalists fear him. It’s pretty much useless to confront the “foot soldiers” because they don’t know why they hate Trump and only jump on the “Trump is a racist” bandwagon because it makes them feel morally superior to somebody else—and they need to feel superior to someone else—anyone else—and they need a group to do it. They are ones with the issues—not us. The purpose of all their protests, marching, whining, name-callling, and general chaos is simply to get on everybody’s nerve and make everyone’s day as unpleasant as possible. We could never beat them at that! It’s about shutting people up and shouting people down. That’s all.

    H.R.1, the For The People Act, will be next on the list of priorities. It nationalizes our voting system, collects information on all Americans via “Contributing Agencies” which will provide information to the state “Election Official” on all eligible to vote. This is an information gathering bill that has little to do with actual voting and is not needed in a sovereign nation. We don’t need automatic voter registration. This Bill is very scary. It also requires that all voters “yay” or “nay” whether or not we want to register to vote every time we sign up for college classes, recertify gun ownership (all agencies primarily charged with the regulating of gun-ownership will be contributing agencies), apply for any sort of health care, Driver’s License, hunting and fishing license. We would have to do that every time even if already registered. This is to determine and keep track of the location of all Americans. The Democratic Party has the gall to insult Americans by calling this Bill, the “For The People Act”! It’s insulting! It’s not for the American people. It’s for the LIO not the USA. It also makes it almost impossible to take voters names off the rolls and except affidavits (notarized) as Voter ID! Outside venders can contract with “contributing agencies” to help set up they software—recipe for hacking and voter fraud! Unbelievable! From now until 2024, the Democratic Party will probably be doing nothing except drafting legislation. I’m going to keep up with that and see where it’s headed. WE all should. We don’t ever want to be caught off guard. Let the “loud and large” be “loud and large”.—As long as we keep up with what’s going through the House! They can be as “loud and large” as they want. It’s meaningless and only meant to drive us crazy—not happening.

    One thing that the Democrats are doing is passing around a petition to end gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is not illegal and it is required during a census year. It also has nothing to do with race. It has to do with political party.Ending gerrymandering will guarantee that Black people will continue to have the same crop of useless representatives to choose from every single election! Thanks, Dems—for nothing! We need term limits. These politicians get into office and after a while they become jaded. Black people will most certainly be voting for the same useless candidates they always did.

    In 2022, we have our next full-term Senate race. The Left will try to steal and take the Senate. Trump will veto any crazy thing they pass but try to come up with the votes to override anything he vetos. In 2024, AOC will be old enough to run for President. Whether she does is anyone’s guess but Obama popped out of nowhere too! I keep my eye on what the final goal is, was and always will be—a Global Order—not Socialism or Communism. These two forms of government may be stepping stones to that end, but Global Order has been the goal since the end of WW2. If you know what the final goal is, it’s easier to follow what’s going on—and far more interesting than listening to Left Wing whining, marching and hate-mongering. A lot of it could just be a distraction. I think it’s more important to keep up with what Bills the Left is drafting and what our President is doing.

    I have a hard time with followers. My dad told me one of the worst thing a person can be in life is a follower. If the Devil knows you’re a follower, he will always be your leader, no matter who you think you’re following until you find your way back to God and His Light. Also, “Groupthink” is easy to control because no matter how many individuals there are in the “Hive”, in any given setting, you’re only dealing with one mind. This is exactly the mindset needed in a global order. — No thank you. These people need to snap out of however they got this way because our President and our country are going to need them.