Loudoun County Parents Who Sued the School District for Violating Their Rights File Discovery Motion

A group of concerned parents last month filed a lawsuit against Loudoun County Schools, the superintendent, the school board, and others for violating their parental rights.

America First Legal (AFL), the group’s legal counsel, this week filed a motion for discovery against the defendants.

“Loudoun County Public Schools has engaged in an all-out assault on parental rights over the past several years, AFL attorney Ian Prior said. “It has forced parents to choose between two fundamental rights guaranteed by the Virginia Constitution – a free and quality public education and their right to direct the education, moral instruction, and upbringing of their children.”

An excerpt of the allegations:

  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully violating the Plaintiffs’ fundamental constitutional rights to care for, nurture, and direct the education, moral instruction, and upbringing of their children;

  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully taking advantage of the schools’ coercive power over children to impose a woke social, political, and psychological ideology and agenda, and thereby to shape and control student attitudes, beliefs, and behavior relating to, inter alia, human sexuality, equal rights, and the relationship between a parent and his or her child;

  • Requiring schools and teachers as a matter of policy to deceive parents and secretly promote and facilitate a child’s “gender transition”;

  • Requiring schools as a matter of policy to provide children with psychological or psychiatric counseling and treatment without parental knowledge or consent…

Loudoun County has been a flashpoint for the national fight for parental rights, and it seems the leftists in the school system have it out for parents and teachers who oppose their agenda. Parents have attended local school board meetings and protested the so-called transgender policy and the teaching of “critical race theory,” which purports that the United States is a fundamentally racist country, and people are inferior or superior to others based on race, ethnicity, sex, or religion.

Parents have also protested COVID-related school closings and officials who forced their children to wear masks all day.

A father in Loudoun County accused a school of covering up his daughter’s rape. He said a boy wearing a skirt raped her in the girls’ bathroom. The father was arrested during a school board meeting. A parental rights organization last year called for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors chair and three members to resign after the chair called the group “alt-right” on her personal Twitter account. Loudoun County Schools suspended teacher Tanner Cross after he spoke out against its “transgender” policy, but a court ordered him reinstated. The Virginia Supreme Court upheld this decision. The school board agreed to remove references to the suspension from his personnel file and pay $20,000 toward his legal fees.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) last year sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which they compared complaining parents to domestic terrorists and asked him to send the FBI to investigate them. Attorney General Merrick Garland tasked federal law enforcement to work with local law enforcement. As a result, half the state school boards in the country withdrew from the NSBA.

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