Outrageous: Will Companies Allow Black Lives Matters to Tell Them How to Do Business?

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), understands the formula for success. Individuals, regardless of race or sex, increase their chances of success in life by graduating from high school, working full time, and waiting until marriage before having children. This is common-sense advice. But these days, it’s political heresy.

Star decided to sponsor a billboard campaign in various cities with the “Success Sequence” message to finish school, take any job, get married, save and invest, and give back to your neighborhood. This sequence is what people can do, without government help, to improve their own lives.

Unfortunately, the company that produced and erected the billboards was intimidated by the leftist mob into throwing Star and CURE under the bus and removing the billboards.

Star recently appeared on FOX News to discuss the issue.

Clear Channel claimed the billboard ads didn’t receive proper approval, although the company helped design the ads. Is Black Lives Matter now going to demand that every advertising agency, every company, vet information through them? Star said she asked Clear Channel what was offensive about the message. Young people caught in the midst of all the violence need this message, she said. Clear Channel is in breach of contract, and Black Lives Matter should not get away with forcing a major company to breach a contract.

Watch the clip to hear what the leftist mob did to Clear Channel.


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  1. The new robber barons are in bed with the Deep State. They care not one bit about human lives, except as they will increase their wealth and control.

  2. BLM is a Marxist political movement that extorts millions from major companies in much the same fashion as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done in the past. Thy intimidate these companies with the threat of boycotts by the minority communities plus the adverse publicity these companies would face.
    BLM counts on the spineless owner or CEO to roll over and give up the money quickly and peacefully.
    No one has yet to require BLM to present any financial statements showing where their extorted millions have gone or who initially financed the organization.
    It’s time for a complete investigation of both BLM and Atifa