Appeals Court: Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Can Continue Lawsuit Against New York

How eager would an abortion clinic be to hire people who believe women have no right to kill their unborn babies? What would an abortion facility’s director think about the government forcing the facility to hire such a person?

Abortion advocates would not like it. In the same vein, a pregnancy center, dedicated to providing a pregnant woman the support and resources she needs to protect her unborn baby, does not want to hire an abortion advocate.

A pro-life organization called Evergreen Associates in New York seeks to hire people who support its mission to save the unborn, not destroy the unborn.

New York has a so-called anti-discrimination law that makes women who’ve had abortions a protected class. The law protects medical privacy. Evergreen contends the law violates its First Amendment right to expressive association. CEO Christopher Slattery said that by forcing the organization to hire pro-abortion individuals and women who’ve had abortions (presumably unrepentant women), the law “would obstruct Evergreen’s goal of encouraging expectant mothers to choose life for their unborn children.”

A lower court dismissed Evergreen’s lawsuit. Fox News reported that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit last week reversed that ruling. Evergreen can continue its lawsuit.

An organization in the business of protecting unborn babies has to maintain a consistent message and approach that aligns with their pro-life values. One way to ensure this consistency is by hiring only pro-lifers. A private organization has the right to hire individuals who share its beliefs and values — especially an organization with a mission to save the voiceless and the vulnerable.

Maintaining a positive and supportive environment for women confused about whether to keep their children is crucial. Can these women trust a counselor who’s had an abortion herself and/or who might be encouraging her to have an abortion? That’s what abortion clinics are for, not pregnancy centers.

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