Star Parker: Democrats Want to Scare Suburban Women About Guns

In a great interview with Newsmax, I was asked several important questions:

1. Are Democrats successfully campaigning on gun control?
2. Why do I think Democrats want to impeach President Trump?
3. After the recent elections, what is the state of our country?
4. Why did I write my new book, “Necessary Noise“?
5. Is President Trump really gaining more support in the black community?

I hope you will find my answers as insightful, so please share them with everyone you know on your social media accounts.

Also, my new book, “Necessary Noise” is climbing the charts because people like you are buying it for themselves and their friends. Please click and follow this link to purchase your own copy and buy some for your friends. When we make the best-seller list, our message of liberty will resonate loud and clear. Thank you, in advance, for your support of my work.

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