Texas Outlaws Genital Mutilation and Puberty Blockers for Children

The Dallas Morning News said Texas is “the most populous state” to ban genital mutilation and puberty blockers for minors.

Greg Abbott, governor of the second largest state in the union, recently signed a bill into law that prohibits doctors or health care providers from knowingly performing surgery that sterilizes a child through castration, vasectomy, hysterectomy, or other methods. They also may not provide, prescribe, administer, or dispense any drugs that induce “transient or permanent infertility.” Doctors and health care providers are banned from providing drugs that suppress or block fertility.

The legislature also barred taxpayers’ money from funding these procedures, and doctors who break the law face loss of medical licenses.

There are exceptions, for example, for normalizing “precocious puberty” or when a child is born with a genetic abnormality.

Children — whose brains are still developing — under peer pressure and influenced by shifting trends cannot legally consent to destroying their own bodies. This is common sense and a moral obligation of society. A parent’s greatest responsibility is protecting these vulnerable, impressionable, and easily exploitable human beings from adults intent on grooming them into a destructive lifestyle while acting out sexual fetishes.

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