The Burden of Rage and Race: Watch Cure America with Star Parker

In a week in which the President of the United States referenced Jim Crow laws and racial segregation to describe a Georgia election law and almost one year after the death of George Floyd that erupted in violence and riots across the country, the debate over race continues to rage. The trial of police officer Derek Chauvin, who was seen with a knee to the neck of Mr. Floyd, heads to its second week in Minneapolis and Americans are preparing for more violence, no matter what the outcome.

That horrific incident spurred a year of debate over “systemic racism” and whether our country has been fundamentally flawed from its beginning. Black Lives Matters has become the mantra of the Left and they have utilized this crisis to further their cultural and political agenda that includes critical race theory, racial equity and reparations.

This week on CURE America with Star Parker, we rebroadcast our initial episode of the show that first aired in the initial days of this debate last summer. Along with my panel and special guests we delve into the root of the problem from a Biblical, philosophical and historical perspective and try to find some answer for how our nation can CURE the divisions in our nation today.

This first episode, The Burden of Race and Rage, features William Allen, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Urban Renewal & Education; Richard Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government; Charmaine Yoest, Vice President of the Heritage Foundation; Pastor Lafayette Dugger, Sr., Pastor of First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, Maryland; and Charles McNeill, Pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

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