The Left’s Disregard for Teenage Girls in the ‘Transgender’ Agenda — Where are the Feminists and the PARENTS?

Ladies, think back to when you were a teenager. The angst. The self-consciousness. The drama. The raging hormones. Imagine you’re changing clothes for gym class (do schools still have gym classes?). A boy you see every day in the hallway decides he wants to be a girl. He informs the school, and the school allows him to start taking gym class with the girls. Without regard to your privacy and sense of modesty, the school allows this boy to be in the girls’ locker room as you’re changing clothes.

Let’s say this boy starts making comments about you as you undress in front of him. You don’t change your clothes in front of your brother(s), but you now must change in front of some boy who wants to see girls in their underwear and/or expects the world to indulge in his deviant fantasies.

As disgusting and humiliating as all this sounds, it’s happening.

In the video below, girls on a high school volleyball team in Vermont spoke about their discomfort with sharing a locker room with a boy pretending to be a girl. Blake, 14, said she asked the boy to leave as they were changing clothes. The boy watched the girls with their shirts off.

Blake said it made many of the girls feel uncomfortable and violated. “I left as soon as I could in a panic.”

What did school officials tell Blake when she told them she was uncomfortable? That it’s the law to allow a male student to violate her privacy, and essentially, if she didn’t like it, it’s her problem.

Why such deep disregard for the girls? Don’t their feelings matter? Where are the feminists?

The Daily Signal reported that a middle school in the same school district suspended girls’ soccer coach Travis Allen, who is also Blake’s father, for refusing to refer to a male student using female pronouns.

The boy’s guardian apparently complained on Facebook about the the girls’ complaints.

“I am the father of the girl you claim ‘made up a story for attention,'” Allen wrote. “The truth is your son watched my daughter and multiple other girls change in the locker room. While he got a free show, they got violated.”

According to the video, the school district is investigating the matter and cares “about everyone’s safety.” Investigating what, exactly? Who among the school officials doesn’t know that girls are not comfortable changing in front of boys and they shouldn’t be expected to? Why can’t the girls have their own spaces? Why aren’t more parents speaking out?

Seventeen-year-old Grace said that a homosexual male student started using the girls’ bathroom. Since he wasn’t attracted to her, he said, he was allowed. Who told him he could do that? Grace said that when she complained, the boy would file complaints that he was being harassed.

Think about the embarrassment and fear these girls have to deal with and the courage it takes to complain. They know they face a backlash. They know that daring to speak a word against the violation of their privacy could affect college scholarships and future employment. We must support girls and women who have the guts to fight back against his nonsense.

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