These Black Pastors Have Some Questions for Hillary Clinton

HillaryClinton_3In an open letter to Hillary Clinton (via The Federalist), a group of black pastors asked her to meet with them to address critical these critical issues: education and employment, protecting the unborn, violence, and religious freedom.

An excerpt (PDF):

The first issue that we would like you to address is education and employment…One in every three young black men was unemployed in 2016. This is a bleak prospect for these black men. History has shown that federal programs intended to address employment issues have often failed to benefit blacks. It is not enough to make obligatory appearances at black churches, we need you to articulate a coherent policy agenda for the black poor.

The pastors noted that abortion is the deliberate destruction of the vulnerable, and they oppose the violent denial of life. In light of the following alarming statistics, the pastors ask Hillary how she can remain silent in the face of such destruction:

Abortion in the black community has had a catastrophic impact. Nationally there are 365 black babies aborted for every 1,000 that are born. Blacks account for roughly 38% of all abortions in the country though we represent only 13% of the population. In New York City, the situation is absolutely dire. According to a report prepared by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in 2013 there were more abortions among black women in the city, 29,007, than there were black babies born, 24,108. Both nationally and in New York City, the abortion rates among black women are much higher than among any other demographic group.

On violence:

The structural failures which stalk inner-city communities and promote nihilism and violence among our young men are a challenge to the courage and faith of the black church…The work of the black church in our poor communities is of the utmost importance and the importance of our freedom to operate in accordance with our faith cannot be overstated.

The pastors addressed religious freedom in the context of normalizing homosexuality and comparing this lifestyle to “courageous blacks who experienced the unique horrors of white supremacy, slavery, rape, terrorism and apartheid in the U.S.”

Partisans who make these arguments have declared war on the truth of the black experience as well as on the freedom of faithful Americans to follow their consciences.

A well-financed war is now being waged by the gay and lesbian community in the US and
abroad on the faith of our ancestors. Furthermore, there are some in your party who seek to
criminalize our biblical texts as hate speech.

The pastors mentioned other areas of concerned, such as Clinton’s staffers’ leaked e-mail and Syrian refugees who follow Christ. They concluded by asking her to “accord the Black Church the same respect that would be conferred on wealthy white donors” by meeting with their leaders.

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