These College Students Said Trump Should Be Impeached — But Can’t Name Impeachable Offenses

Campus Reform has released another video of clueless anti-Trump college students. They’re quite sure President Donald Trump has done terrible, impeachable things. Editor-in-chief Cabot Phillips asked the question.

I think he should be impeached.

He definitely has done enough things to be impeached.

That’s a great thing. I mean, I thought she [Rep. Nancy Pelosi] would wait a little bit, but they wanna get it done right now. So that’s good.

What, exactly, has the president done to warrant impeachment by the House of Representatives?

One student says he’s sure there are reasons he doesn’t know about. Well, he must have done something to deserve it, right? Another student said it might be because he’s trying to “run immigrants out of the country.” Then a student said it’s because President Trump is popular…and that’s not good for America.

Watch this video clip to hear the rest.

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  1. Sooooooo sad to see how naive & brainwashed
    young people are!! Older people as well, it’s easy to see
    how we were in slavery as long!!!

  2. These are the brainwashed non-achievers who merely follow the directions of the communist democrats.
    These are the one who will be living in their family’s basement working for minimum wage complaining about their student loans after they graduate.
    The positive side is they will always have their diploma to look at.

  3. When I was a little boy there was an organization called The John Birch Society that said that fluoridation was a Communist plot to destroy the minds America youth many people said it was just a conspiracy theory now you can see for yourselves that the Birchers were right!

  4. Thank you for this commentary. Sharing on facebook.