These Parents Are Doing Something About a Virginia School District’s Proposed ‘Transgender’ Policy

More parents need to challenge government schools and call out “transgenderism” for its consequent violation of privacy and safety. The Daily Signal reported that a group of parents in Arlington, Virginia, held a press conference to talk about their opposition to the Arlington County School Board’s “transgender” policy proposal.

The school district proposed to accommodate students pretending to be the opposite sex, which parents said would violate the privacy rights of other students. The policy would also trample on their right to safety, and for girls, especially, their sense of modesty.

Boys pretending to be girls, for example, would be allowed to use facilities designated for actual girls. For overnight trips, boys would be allowed to sleep in the same areas where actual girls sleep. The policy would also require other students, faculty, and staff to go along with the illusion. Teachers would have to submit to indoctrination training, for example.

“[Arlington Public Schools] has far overreached its authority in this matter, and needs to be reminded by concerned parents and community members that political and cultural pressures should never outweigh the school’s responsibility to make safe and healthy educational policy,” said Maria Keffler, spokeswoman for the Arlington Parent Coalition.

The press conference’s purpose was to publicly air that parents of children in Arlington Public Schools have felt unable to voice their concerns for child safety regarding the proposed policy implementation procedure, or PIP.

The coalition’s website says it promotes the district’s policies, “which respect parents’ constitutional right to maintain responsibility and authority over their children and their children’s education, and to raise children according to the family’s values.”

As the Daily Signal reported, the parents had to file a Freedom of Information request to receive specifics about the proposed policy.

The most common complaint of parents at the meeting who oppose the policy echoed those from the Arlington Parent Coalition.

“The whole community should have been a part of it from the start,” one parent said to the school board. “The questionnaire didn’t even ask if people were residents of Arlington, yet that was the way for us to have an input.”


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One comment

  1. Just curious how it is that many more ‘boys/men’ are interested in becoming girls/women than the opposite is true? Do girls not see the better opportunities to compete with other men as their equals?

    Hmm, I also recall that it was the boys that were interested in drilling holes through the walls in restrooms or locker rooms in order to watch girls in various modes of ‘undress, NOT the girls doing the same. There has to be some ‘logical’ reason for all that that I am missing, especially in all this “transgender” mystery!