These Students Were Surprised About How Much “The Rich” Already Pay in Taxes

Tax the rich! Tax the rich!

That’s a Democratic selling point in any election. Campus Reform asked college students how much they think “the rich” pay in taxes. The assumption is “Not much.” But is that true?

The reporter asked students whether we should raise taxes on the rich. All the students featured in the video said yes. “Most definitely,” one said.

Then the reporter asked who they’d define as “the rich.” One person said anyone making $500,000. Another said companies that make “millions of dollars.” More than six figures, one student said.

How much do the ” one percent” make every year? The students guessed millions of dollars. The real answer: the minimum is only $538,000.

A student said rich people don’t pay taxes and repeated the media lie that President Donald Trump “wasn’t paying taxes.” The reporter informed her that the top one percent of earners pay 40 percent of all taxes. Did the surprised students change their minds about increasing taxes for the one percent? Watch the brief clip for more.

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