This On-a-Roll Governor Signed a Bill to Protect Babies Born Alive During Botched Abortions

Governor Greg Abbott is on a roll.

Among the bills the Texas governor recently signed include measures to ban sanctuary cities for illegal aliens in his state, bar cities from contracting with abortion providers and affiliates, and protect the free speech rights of college students on campus.

Gov. Abbott also signed a bill that requires abortionists to save babies born alive during botched abortions. Abortionists would face criminal charges. From Life News:

Texas House Bill 16, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Jeff Leach, requires abortion practitioners to provide basic medical care to infants who survive abortions. It allows third-degree felony charges and a fine of up to $100,000 for violations.

“We’re drawing a line in the sand,” Leach said, according to the Texas Tribune. “We’re proclaiming clearly and loudly together that a baby who survives an abortion deserves the full protection of the law and the highest standard of medical care.”

The legislation passed the state Senate by 21-10 in May with bipartisan support, and the state House by 93-1 with 50 abstentions in April.

Pro-abortion Democrats slammed the bill as a waste of time, and delayed a hearing where several abortion survivors were scheduled to speak.

If “wanted” unborn babies have protection under the law, so should “unwanted” babies born alive during botch abortions. These babies are no less human and deserving of protection than the others.

Featured photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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  1. Good for Gov. Abbott, and good for Texas! Not surprising that the pro-aborts didn’t want to hear from the survivors, since they don’t believe they exist. Wonder if they’d be willing to ban all abortions of babies who can survive outside the womb – probably not, since modern medicine keeps pushing that moment back earlier and earlier in pregnancy. Last I heard it was 20 weeks, it might even be earlier now.