The Trump Administration Prepares to Protect Women and Girls in Homeless Shelters

Before leaving office, Barack Obama made sure that men indulging in the fantasy of being women could sleep feet away from women in homeless shelters that receive federal money.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2016 issued a rule to bar those facilities from discriminating on the basis of “gender identity.”

Some women are homeless because they fled abusive homes. These women and their daughters were expected to share private facilities with boys and men. Liberals apparently don’t care whether they’re “triggered,” a once-popular buzzword that seems out of fashion now. The situation was of such pressing concern that a coalition of “radical feminists” asked HUD Secretary Ben Carson to reverse Obama’s order.

HUD under President Donald Trump now seeks to reverse the department’s previous rule. The Daily Caller reported that HUD will move to propose a final rule to protect women and girls in homeless shelters receiving federal dollars by allowing sex-segregated facilities.

“HUD has reconsidered its 2016 Rule and now proposes a modified rule pursuant to which shelter providers that are permitted by the Fair Housing Act to be single sex facilities, may determine ‘sex’ in accordance with their own policies, which may include consideration of biological sex, in placement and accommodation decisions,” reads a letter sent from HUD to members of Congress regarding the change.

The amended HUD regulation would allow single-sex shelters to write and follow their own policies for determining the sex of potential residents, so long as those policies are in line with state and local laws.

A lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents a faith-based homeless shelter in a federal lawsuit against the city of Anchorage, Alaska, said there’s “no need to force shelters to violate their faith or impose a blanket federal policy that forces vulnerable women to share space with men who claim a female identity.”

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