Trump: School Choice is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Leftists support choice when it comes to killing babies in the womb or “gender identity.” But they don’t support choice when it comes to educational options. Black parents with children stuck in government schools want to use tax vouchers to end their children to better schools.

But Democrats don’t like that idea.

Who could forget how Democratic lawmakers behaved at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in February? Little Janiyah Davis and her mother were guests of President Trump that night. Janiyah’s mother wanted to use her tax money to put her daughter in a better school, but she couldn’t. President Trump awarded Janiyah a scholarship that will allow her to do so. When he spoke about them, members of the audience stood and applauded. Democrats remained in their seats.

Now President Trump has gone a step further. Last week he said his administration is calling on Congress to enact school choice now, “because access to education is the civil rights issue of our time.”

You’d expect a group like the NAACP would champion school choice for low-income black families. They oppose it. In fact, the NAACP called for a moratorium on charter schools and joined a teachers union lawsuit in Florida against the state’s tax credit scholarship for low-income families to send their children to better schools.

Fortunately, some NAACP branches in California opposed the national NAACP’s position and voiced their support for school choice. Black voters must remember this when they go to the polls in November. Liberals want pregnant teenage girls to get abortions without their parents’ knowledge, but they want those same girls to have no choices to seek a better education.

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