From the Archives: CURE Board Member and Senate Candidate T.W. Shannon On What Made America Great in the First Place

This post was first published in March.

CURE board member T.W. Shannon, a former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, is running in a special election for a U.S. Senate seat for the second time. Sen. James Inhofe is calling it quits, and Shannon hopes to win the seat and help keep America great.

Shannon recently appeared on Fox News.

“You know, I think for me, when I look at the country, like most Americans, I’m concerned about the direction of the country,” he said. “And I certainly support the America First agenda.”

Shannon said that’s why he was honored to be the national chair for Black Voices for Trump. He believes in making America great again.

“But I also realize that you have to ask the other question: What made America great in the first place, and I really think it’s the three Cs.”

What are the three Cs? Watch the brief clip below.

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