Washington Times Launches American CurrentSee for Black Conservatives

What’s the cliche…great minds think alike? The Washington Times has created a free digital magazine targeted to black conservatives called American CurrentSee.

Every week, subscribers can download the publication, which presently features articles from Dr. Ben Carson, Armstrong Williams, and Juan Williams.

Dr. Carson said he wanted to provide an alternative to mainstream media to a group that doesn’t march in lock-step with the party that receives 90 percent of the vote among blacks. (My characterization, of course.)

“The ruling elite has convinced too many young adults that it’s OK to stay at home and live in your parents’ basements playing video games or aimlessly roaming the streets with friends,” Dr. Carson writes. “After all, you can get a monthly check, a free cell phone and health insurance from Uncle Sam for doing nothing. Opportunity has been replaced by despair. Embracing character, values, marriage and family has been ridiculed. Government dependence has been substituted for self-reliance. And mediocrity has replaced excellence…We need a new media source that embraces hard work, moral character, family values, good education and self-reliance and inspires the next generation with role models who have cast off the chains of mediocre expectations and proven that the American dream is alive and well.”

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