WATCH: Ben Watson Wants His Fellow Pro-Lifers to Do This

Ben Watson, pro-lifer and professional football player for the NFL, spoke at last week’s CPAC about the epidemic of fatherlessness in this country.

Abortion and fatherlessness impact all races, but black women kill their unborn children at three times the rate of white women. A disproportionate number of black children grow up in households without their fathers.

Fatherless children are at a higher risk of living in poverty, becoming pregnant as teenagers, dropping out of high school, and dealing with emotional and physical abuse.

Watson also spoke about the failure of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to pass Congress. Life begins at conception, Watson said, and we must defend it that way.

“We need to be pro-whole-life people,” he said. From birth to death. Watson said he and his wife are involved in ending sex trafficking.

Watson had more much to say about disagreeing with others with humility, as Christians, and standing for truth and justice.

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