WATCH: Deneen Borelli on Michelle Obama's Victimhood Speech at Tuskegee

Michelle Obama has a perpetual chip on her shoulder. Although she’s a black woman married to a biracial man elected president of the United States, she’s still complaining about “racism” with a straight face — this time during a commencement speech at Tuskegee University (historically black institution). Racism, to certain black Americans in 2015, is someone looking at you funny or “following” you around a store.

We shall overcome, indeed.

Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director at FreedomWorks, recently appeared on Fox News with three others to talk about this topic. Borelli called the speech propaganda.

“Instead of her promoting how America is an exceptional country…she took that route to play the race card and race-bait. [President Obama and his wife] could tell a great story of how [they]…got from Chicago through their Ivy League education…to the White House. Talk about how ‘if I can do it, you can do it as well.”

Conservative Ron Christie, author of “Blackwards: How Black Leadership Is Returning America to the Days of Separate but Equal,” called the speech negative.

“This is a great country. This is the first lady of the United States. Her message should have been uplifting. She was at Tuskegee University, which has so much history in the [black] community, and it was a negative…poor-me speech. And I thought, what world is she living in? She just sounded so angry.”

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  1. I have to agree….she should be empowering her race instead of constantly causing more racism….she could be a good influence on her race and help them…she hates whites and is condtinuously bashing them…am so tired of her hatred….

  2. I’ve got news for her, blacks aren’t the only ones that have been followed around stores and watched. When there used to be people working in every department in stores, I remember being followed and being watched by the saleslady who acted like she was straightening a counter or putting stuff out, and I AM A WHITE WOMAN!!! That’s just what they used to do, they watched EVERYBODY. I used to wonder why I was watched all the time(I guess I looked sneaky!!!). SO TAKE THE CHIP OFF YOUR SHOULDERS black people, you aren’t the only ones.

  3. She & Barrack ARE unhinged. A year & a half more of this hate is just intolerable.

  4. I must take few days to cool off a bit.

  5. Shamoo the fat black killer whale with the bleached hair, what a racist bigot, she tryin to look white with that hair. This sorry thug of a potus has divided this country, it is worse not than the beginning of the civil war. It wont end pretty

  6. I question her intelligence now, I don’t trust her now, I dislike Moslems even more today.

  7. Why are we ignoring that she mentioned that racism is systematic, she spoke against police brutality. The FLOTUS gave black issues representation in her speech, but kept it focused on how students should go about growing as people. She didn’t dwell and linger on oppression in the speech, but it would’ve been even more controversial if she spent thirty minutes talking about oppression in the country. White people of every class would be rioting about her abuse of public speech and making more death threats than they already are. She’s the FLOTUS for a reason, she uses more tact than a race rioter looking for their thirty minutes of fame. Mrs. Obama was very uplifting; I’m stating that as a fact purposely. It makes no sense that people reject her words because they weren’t designed specifically for them. It’s not your turn, why don’t you go criticize one of your forty-three FLOTUS’ speeches? Let mine alone.

    • Johntylerdrinkswater

      You see John Tyler the problem is the previous first ladies had class and more intelligence than to use their platform to spread their hate agenda. Poor little Ole michelle. Please, call her what she is a bigot who hates America and white people.

    • It is, and it will always be, my turn.

    • You did not listen to the same speech. White people rioting? You also don’t watch the same news. She is an angry woman.

    • John Tyler, she and the president have an agenda. It’s to keep you feeling oppressed. You will then carry on the tradition.

  8. So many missed opportunities to elevate and inspire a people. But the Obamas are so invested in the politics of race that no opportunity to keep people down and divided is wasted. One can only conclude it’s by design.

  9. I see Michelle’s speech as greasing the skids for Hillary Clinton. It is propaganda and marketing all rolled into one. Very clever.

  10. Ridiculous. She is speaking the truth. It is funny that the media is dissecting the speech. She is telling them the truth. It will be hard for you because you are a minority but keep pushing forward. Simple message. True message.

  11. Shes lying about most of the crap she’s saying….except for the part where we question her honesty and her love of this country.

  12. Sad to hear such come from the first lady. I was extremely sad to hear her be so critical…..What does she have to be angry about? I know it isn’t easy to be first lady and the criticism is hard but really you two asked for it. Get over the “angry” and be thankful for what you have and what you have been given for you have been given a great deal! So have the rest of us! Mrs. Obama you could have been such an encouragement to those graduates but you chose to leave them with an angry and resentful speech. So sad……It seems that you and your husband are trying desperately to take the center of attention off the failures of this administration and stir up hate and resentment and that is heartbreaking.

  13. All you white folks must have listened to a different speech than I did. I didn’t hear her mention anything about white Folks. She told the truth about the history of the college and the history of what blacks did to survive and to get a education. Everything she said was the truth and the history had to be told, so that the youth will aspire to be the best, to be better than the best! The blacks that came before them had to go through so much S**T to build this institution and pave a way for the next generation of black folks. Why in the hell are you white folks so Angry, hateful, name calling and trying to be in shock. (then you want to talk negative about her speech. This would be the kettle calling…) She is a very intelligent black woman who graduated from an IVY league college. Most (if any)of you can’t say the same. All the other first ladies did what was expected in those years, to be silent and stand smiling along side their man. If you want to call that being intelligent and classy. I believe that she is the most down to earth, people friendly, first lady of all times. She is for everybody, and probably gets along with anybody. Except all that are bigoted and think that you are better than her. That refused to give her a chance and fight against her and her husband every single day. You call them names, mock them and their children, tell racist jokes, draw cartoons and sick caricatures that you make sure get published, then fake apology follows- that you “didn’t know that it was “racist”. You don’t ever want to talk about black history, you want to stay in denial that blacks were treated subhuman. John Tyler you are the only one who is correct in what she was trying to deliver to the graduates. For them to fly, soar and that they could be anything that they wanted too. Take a survey and find out how they felt about the speech, meant for them. You’re the Angry ones. Ain’t nobody caring what you bigots have to say. You are so Jealous, that she’s tall, toned, beautiful, intelligent, best mother, rich, good-looking husband who loves her, well loved by the people of USA, stylist and a Lawyer. And that she lives in the White House. Bloop!! What have you done? Complain, Lie, Name Call, Think that you are better.