Watch: Planned Parenthood Pres. Just Blamed Colorado Shooting On Something Jaw-Dropping

As much of the nation attempted to process the latest outbreak of seemingly random violence, at least a few leftists used Friday’s mass shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility as a catalyst for partisan conjecture. Venerable entertainer Bette Midler, for example, earned harsh criticism after she speculated that pro-life Republicans were responsible for inspiring the gunman’s deadly act.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards gave one of the most controversial answers on the issue, however, when she told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the real villains are those behind undercover videos allegedly exposing the sale of aborted baby parts.

She complained that the “highly edited videos” have contributed to “a lot of hysteria” and “created the kind of climate that we are now seeing that leads to the harassment of doctors and the violence at clinics which really just has to stop.”

Just weeks after she was called to testify before Congress regarding Planned Parenthood’s practices, Richards sung the organization’s praises.

“They have found zero evidence of any wrongdoing,” she said, asserting that “a record five committees” are exploring some level of investigation into the nation’s most prolific abortion provider.

She concluded with her belief that legislators should “spend their time on … thinking about how to get more women in this country health care that’s affordable and accessible,” suggesting that such care is what “we provide to nearly three million people every year.”

h/t: Daily Caller

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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