WATCH — Selina Soule Won’t Be Silenced: It Is Unfair to Allow Boys to Compete Against Girls

In this PragerU video, Selina Soule, a track runner from Connecticut, said she’d trained to be a championship sprinter since she was eight. In high school, she was one of the top five female sprinters in the state.

“But then one day I wasn’t,” Soule said.

What happened? At a state championship one year, two people passed her and the rest of the girls, finishing first and second. But they were not girls. They were boys allowed to run as “girls.”

Soule talked about what it took to be a champion: training every day after school for at least two hours and working to shave fractions of a second off her time. She had a limited social life, and she got up early every Saturday morning to compete in track meets all day.

“And here’s the thing about the two biological males that took the top two girls’ medals in the state of Connecticut,” Soule said. “Their times were not even good enough to qualify them to compete in the state championships on the boys’ team.” But they won the top medals running against girls two years in a row. In total, the boys won 15 state championship titles.

Soule explains to her detractors the obvious biological differences between the sexes. She also cites Allyson Felix, the fastest female sprinter in the world. Based on 2018 data, almost 300 high school boys in the U.S. could beat her record for the 400-meter race. Girls competing against boys would be shut out. Boys are setting records on girls’ teams, deleting their records.

Watch the full video to hear more.

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