We CANNOT Allow the Government to Disarm Us

Candace Owens recently interviewed gun-rights advocate Maj Toure on her PragerU show.

Toure warns about what happens when a government takes guns away from the population. He also talked about the Black Lives Matter movement, why he started Black Guns Matter, and how gun control itself is racist.

Black Americans should be the most pro-gun, pro-freedom people in the country.

What about black-on-black gun violence? Toure talks about that, too. And listen to what he said about hip-hop and Colin Kaepernick. Please share this post!

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  1. The first step the communists/socialists take is to disarm the citizens, followed up by the shutdown of religions that are not state sponsored and the institution of a dictatorship and a state police.
    Communist democrats today are following the Ailinsky Rules which mentored Obama and many more of the communist democrat party with the sole intent to destroy the Republic and enslave we the people.

  2. African-Americans have long supported Second Amendment rights. That was until Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act in 1967, thereby repealing the right to carry in public a loaded firearm in California. Some insist he had a “good reason,” others cite blatant racism.

  3. i was enjoying Maj Toure,and agreeing with him totally. until the ignorant candace owens interjected her uneducated ,biased, trump type comment about kaepernick. talk about uneducated, she certainly is. i am sure Maj Toure’s entire speak went over her head. she echoed the typical loser trump cultists opinion of kaepernick. smh.