What Happened to George Floyd Was About Power, Not Race

Star Parker said America is not inherently racist.

The founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education recently appeared on a Daily Signal podcast to talk about her personal story, how she left welfare and became a Christian, race relations in the country, and the recent riots committed in George Floyd’s name.

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  1. What is with we Americans? We always nickname biggest men around Tiny and there is this black kid who is my next door neighbor who is nicknamed Tiny who plays high school football and his mother is a very good player and he is being scouted by both collages and the National Football League and the last time I was at the local food market foraging for my beautiful wife and I and we had a wonderful conversation on Tiny’s future. I said “Carole when any of these collages come to recruit Tiny make sure they offer him a superior financial education so that way he will know how to manage his money and when he retires from the National Football League he can start a modest little financial service company to cater to his fellow National Football League player. Who knows if Charles Payne retires Tiny can replace him on Fox Business News or a Republican president can appoint him to some minor office such as head of the Office of Management and Budget or some post in the Treasury Department even Secretary of the Treasury. Tiny has is a very smart lad and I know he will go far unless he becomes a democrat, I suppose that will never happen. One thing that that has troubled me for years is that American citizens precluded by federal law from buying American sovereign debt in excess $25,000. When President Abraham Lincoln created the green back during the Civil War he was assassinated. When President John Fitzerald Kennedy created United States notes that were backed by the precious metals under control of the United States Mint he is assassinated. Something just does not make sense to me.