WATCH: What Liberal Politicians Claim Planned Parenthood Offers v. Reality

What liberals politicians and other abortion advocates say about the services Planned Parenthood offers differs from what Planned Parenthood actually offers.

For example, Sen. Barbara Boxer said the death clinic is often the only option for women to get annual exams, including breast exams and prenatal care. According to Live Action News, 92 out of 97 facilities said they didn’t offer prenatal care.

Planned Parenthood does provide lots of abortions.

Two secretly-recorded employees even admitted what we all know: the name “Planned Parenthood” is deceptive.

From Live Action News:

“Talking points are one thing, and facts are another. Planned Parenthood and its political allies can — and probably will — continue to claim that the abortion corporation is necessary for women’s health. However, the facts and the research prove otherwise. Planned Parenthood stands constantly willing and ready to perform abortions (including the most common abortion procedure in the United States, detailed in the video below). But if women are seeking prenatal care, mammograms, or other real health care options, they will have to find their care elsewhere.”

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