Who’s Cancel Culture Coming for Next? Watch Cure America Episode 35

During Black History Month, Amazon canceled a documentary about Clarence Thomas without explanation. All the while, documentaries with Anita Hill and Ruth Bader Ginsburg still play on their platform.

In this week’s episode of Cure America with Star Parker, I speak with Michael Pack, an award-winning filmmaker and director of that documentary, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words”, about today’s cancel culture.

We also explore how Bible-believing Christians must navigate through platforms — whether a book publisher, a social media company or a movie studio — to speak and protect our voices. We also explore how Kelvin Cochrane was fired from his job as Atlanta Fire Chief for his views on biblical marriage. And we explore how he fought back.

Watch and share this episode so we can unite Americans who still believe in free speech and make sure we can protect it.

Guests include Jonathan Alexandre, senior counsel at Liberty Counsel, Terry Jeffrey, editor in chief of CNS News, Michael Pack, an award-winning filmmaker and recently departed head of the US Agency for Global Media, and Sarah Parshall Perry, a legal fellow at Heritage Foundation.

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