Why the White House Thinks Millennials Are the Key to Stopping the Coronavirus

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about what the country’s millennials can do to help older generations, who are at higher risk to develop complications from the disease.

Millennials make up a large part of the population, Dr. Birx said, particularly in urban areas. They’re also the generation who can help grandparents and parents stay in touch virtually. Millennials can help their older family members with the social isolation that comes with self-quarantines.

Dr. Birx believes millennials are the core group that will stop the virus. This larger cohort of younger people must take precautions and practice social distancing to protect parents and grandparents. She discusses what we all have to do to avoid exposure and potentially contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Should we have national rules for social distancing? Listen to what Dr. Birx has to say.

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One comment

  1. I have never experienced such an overkill about a disease. Measles kills far more every year according to the statistics and so does meningitis – yet there has never been a ‘lock-down’ to prevent them!
    Six weeks after first signs of the corona virus China is now finished already. The natural curve has topped, peaked and collapsed. It went straight up then straight down as nature tends to do and immune systems kick in (except always for those already ill and weak from other infections).
    Chinas had only 1 case of an individual catching the virus each day over the last 2 days (no deaths).
    There is something else going on.
    What is it that the money power are bringing in? A digital-only currency, first in to Europe and Japan?