6 Reasons Why NBA Should Reinstate Donald Sterling Until Capitalism Kicks Him Out

NBA jerseysMake no mistake about it, the NBA’s effort to oust Los Angeles Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling has become less about racism and more about making the commandeering of a private business acceptable to Americans. This may not be true for the average black person who is justifiably indignant over Sterling’s comments, but it is why President Obama weighed in. Unlike the phony and misdirected outrage of the NAACP, NBA players and owners, and even the sports media that remained complicit with Donald Sterling’s racist views for over thirty years, I would’ve never tolerated his bigotry for a second.

Leftist news outlets like MSNBC can’t buy ratings. That’s why we’ve seen sports media like ESPN take the baton in the relay race to see who can agitate and dumb down the culture quickest. Should Donald Sterling have his team taken from him in a free America? No! Should he suffer the consequences of losing his team in a capitalistic America based upon sponsorship loss and players who are willing to boycott games? Yes!

Let’s be honest, the Clipper players, coaches, and staff knew who Sterling was, or found out at some point in the past 30 years. Nevertheless they made a conscience decision to continue working for him anyway. Why? Because they loved seeing the white face of Benjamin Franklin more than they despised seeing the signature of a white racist named Donald Sterling on their paycheck. All of a sudden, in a mad dash to keep their black credibility they have to act outraged due to an illegal taping that “confirmed” what they already knew. Likewise, the NAACP was willing to turn a blind eye to Sterling’s racism as long as he greased the skids. Therefore, in lieu of the subjective moral outrage of the NBA, ESPN, and the NAACP who tolerated, isolated, and covered up Sterling’s hatred for decades, I’ve developed my own list of reasons why Donald Sterling should stay in the NBA until Capitalism says otherwise.

1.) Forgiveness is a common theme in the NBA, so it must be the first reason Sterling should be allowed to stay. Thanks to Ben Shapiro of Breitbart.com, we are reminded that Latrell Sprewell was reinstated after choking his head coach, Spike Lee sits courtside despite his racist rants against whites, and Jay-Z has been welcomed while rocking a Five Percent Nation necklace which sees whites as Devils. Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes, Amare Stoudemire, and Roy Hibbert each used gay slurs and were forgiven. Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest (aka Meta World Peace ), and Jermaine O’Neal started a riot with fans in Detroit and were forgiven. JJ Redick requires girlfriends to sign kill-my-baby abortion contracts with no forgiveness needed. Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton drew guns on each other as if they’re in the Wild Wild West and all was forgiven. JR Smith killed a passenger in his car by driving recklessly, and continued playing in the NBA after serving only a 9 game suspension. Based on this line-up, it seems that the NBA would be quick to forgive a racist like Donald Sterling. Repentance is an essential component to forgiveness however, and thus far I’ve seen no evidence that any of these guys have repented.

2.) Crony Civil Rights Activism is yet another reason for the NBA to reconsider Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban. The NAACP was a great organization until Progressive Democrats took it over, then it became a funnel for “legal” extortion, and Donald Sterling may be an example of that. The NAACP claims to fight for the plight of the black man, but has effectively shown that their outrage, or in this case lack thereof, can be silenced with some Benjamin’s. It really makes you wonder just how often the NAACP has betrayed its dark skin brotha’s and sista’s for their color of preference, green.

3.) Taping individuals for the mere purpose of establishing national thought police should terrify us all, especially after President Obama’s NSA scandal. Can you imagine how many NBA players would be banned from the game if their private thoughts and locker room talk were exposed for all to hear and see? Just a couple of months ago I listened to a taped interview of Charles Barkley on ESPN radio admitting the “N” word, and other racial slurs, homophobic talk, and sex were just some of the things spoken of in the privacy of the NBA locker room. However, last week he came out against Donald Sterling. Destroying the livelihood of anyone, even with racist views, is a dangerous precedent to set. Although, this isn’t necessarily a first amendment issue, it would certainly undermine it.

4.) Capitalism was working fine! Sponsors were dropping the Clipper’s left and right, and as my friend Johnny Gunnz reminded me, this took pressure away from the players to make a decision to boycott themselves. Sterling more than likely, would’ve been forced to either sell his team for a discounted price or step aside by resigning or retiring in order to retain its value. Instead NBA Commissioner Adam Silver caved to socialist mob rule from outsiders and dished out a lifetime ban on Sterling. This is almost certain to make Sterling fight for his team in a long arduous legal battle that could’ve been avoided, and is certain to make the lives of everyone involved miserable.

5.) The term “slippery slope” has become such a cliche’ we forget that it’s still crucial when we’re thinking critically and long term. This maneuver by the NBA is a slippery slope to fascism. Thank God we’re still talking about the confiscation of a private business…for now! However, we’re talking about confiscation nonetheless. Did the man commit a crime? The fact that American citizens are being agitated to a point where they are willing to see a private citizens business forcibly taken away is chilling. One can only pray they never have to face this outrage over their private conversations themselves.

6.) Last but not least, consider the unity of all Americans that has manifested as a result of this news story. This story should have Americans, minorities especially, jumping for joy and praising God. Why? Well, because what we’re witnessing with Donald Sterling is just how far race relations have progressed in the last several decades. As black Americans we can be proud that the world has stood with us, and rallied against the racist. Unfortunately, due to race pimps like the NAACP, America is missing a great opportunity to celebrate the rarity of seeing or hearing true racism. Thank God in America people like Donald Sterling are now the exception and not the rule.

Carl JacksonCarl Jackson is a radio talk show host – his web site is www.carljacksonshow.com

Photo credit: lymbzero (Flickr Commons)

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