A Battle for America’s Future — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

On this week’s episode of CURE America with Star Parker, we dive deep into the upcoming presidential debates and the crucial issues shaping our political landscape. We explore President Joe Biden’s campaign focus on abortion, insurrection, and racial division, with in-depth analysis from our expert panel.

We shift our focus to a broader discussion on the “soul of America” with Richard Manning from Americans for Limited Government. We address the significance of this election and the importance of election integrity, highlighted by Marty Dannenfelser, vice president for Government Relations and Coalitions at CURE.

We also discuss President Biden’s controversial address at Morehouse College, which came under scrutiny. The Wall Street Journal noted Biden’s provocative statement on democracy’s failure for black men, prompting Manning’s perspective on the matter.

We critique Biden’s speech at Morehouse for its lack of empowerment and substance, especially concerning young black men. The episode also delves into voting rights issues in Georgia and controversial statements by politicians like Kamala Harris.

Our conversation also covers the unique dynamics of Israel from the perspective of black liberals, emphasizing the democratic status in the Middle East and the civil rights enjoyed by its Arab citizens.

We are joined by our own Jonathan Alexandre, senior counsel at Liberty Counsel Action. Additionally, we have a one-on-one interview with Nicole Hayes, MPA, director of State Public Policy at CMDA, as she shares insights about her organization and the amazing work that they are doing.

Join us for a compelling and thought-provoking episode that tackles these pressing issues and their impact on America’s future.

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