A Trump-Supporting Black Pastor Said This About Planned Parenthood

MarkBurnsPastor Mark Burns, who’s spoken at rallies for Donald Trump and the GOP convention, accused abortion mill Planned Parenthood of targeting black neighborhoods.

Fox News’s Martha MacCallum defended Trump after a liberal guest criticized him for trying to appeal to black voters. Then Pastor Burns said that blacks have been voting for Democrats for 50 years. What do they have to show for it?

“What we have to show for it right now is the net worth of African American family is less than $5,000. Unemployment is even at a high. Food stamps and welfare benefits are at an all-time high. The net worth of a white family in American is $93,000 to $116,000. So there’s obviously a huge gap. What do we as African Americans have to show for? We got mass incarnations by the Democratic party. We have abortion clinics that are positioned strategically within urban communities in this country where we make up as African Americans 14 percent of the population but over 40 percent of the abortions are done by black women. So you cannot declare ‘Black lives matter’ when black baby lives don’t matter. That’s over 14 to 15 million black babies that have been killed. ”

Photo credit: By DebrareneeleeOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

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