Abbas Proposes Deadline to 'End of Israeli Occupation'

PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu
PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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The announcement was made by aides to the Palestinian leader following reports by Abbas on Sunday that he would unveil a “surprise initiative” adding that he won’t declare war on Israel” but a “political and diplomatic solution.” He additionally stated the he would present the “initiative” to Secretary of State John Kerry during his next visit to Israel and that he was “unlikely to accept it.”

Abbas plans to address the United Nations with the proposal next month stating that, “otherwise, this opportunity will be lost forever.” His address will reportedly appeal to the Security Council to support the proposal and in the event Israel does not comply, the Palestinian Authority will begin the process of joining the International Criminal Court and pursue Israel in war crime charges.

The report claims that Abbas will present his new propose it as a “day after” plan following the current conflict with Hamas, and is scheduled to share details of the proposal with Palestinians officials on Tuesday.

A Palestinian official stated on the proposal that “This should be done through a mechanism to compel Israel as the occupying power to end its occupation and agree on a timetable for the implementation of the withdrawal.”

Photo credit: Prime Minister of Israel (Creative Commons)

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